about tyresbaba.com

Tyresbaba is an e-commerce platform established under Hock Lian Hin Sdn Bhd that provides a one stop shop for all your tyre needs. Having been in the tyre service industry for over 50 years, Tyresbaba has a long history and extensive experience in performing tyres services while providing excellent customer service. 

To adapt to the current market, Hock Lian Hin Sdn Bhd has moved into the e-commerce industry by establishing an online platform using the Tyresbaba name to provide customers an even more seamless and convenient method to satisfy their tyre needs.

Tyresbaba offers a wide variety of packages that gives our customer a hassle-free process to replace your tyres and with over 100 dealers and partners in West-Malaysia, replacing your tyres has never been more convenient.

Committed to give our customers a smooth and pleasant experience, our packages include installation, alignment and balancing services in an all in one reasonably priced package to ensure that our customers can have a safe journey home with no hidden charges.The main brands of tyres we offer are GoodTrip tyres and Atlas Tyres with other selections that you may choose from to satisfy all of tyre related services you desire.

Once you have browsed, selected and paid the package you want, all you have to do is to visit one of our workshops and leave your vehicle to our experienced technician. Your car will be in safe hands while we perform the service and once it is done, you may safely be on your way.